Standard processes

UW6 Unwind module

The new generation unwinder UW6 was specifically designed for a flexible, high-performance environment. Ease of use, enabled by the automatic dancer control system, and user guide with touch panel reduce setup times to a minimum. Rolls with diameters of up to 1370 mm are loaded semi-auto- matically. The dancer weight can be decoupled completely by the loop control to allow for tension free feed into high- performance digital printers.


CS6 Cross- and length cutter

The rotary cross cutter CS6 consistently produces clean, accurate cuts at exact angles, ensuring the highest levels of productivity and quality of output. In combination with the register control software, it also provides the precision essential to the finishing process. Setups, as well as adjustments are easily performed at the Line-PC and display panel. An intgrated diverter separates waste from the production output. If equipped with the new, individually driven edge trimmers, and up to three linear cutters, the production of 4-up forms is accomplished reliably and efficiently.


SE6 Offset module

All sheets are offset on-the-fly before passing them on to the stacker module. The unique separation unit enables true sepa- rated offset stacks in 1up, 2up, 3up and 4up mode. The stacks with horizontally offset book blocks facilitate the easy handling of stacks.


LS6 Stacker module

In the stacker module LS6, all signatures or sheets are collected and continuously stacked to the desired height. Our newest technology offers up to 2200 stack ejections per hour (in 4up mode) without any printer stops. As a new feature, the stacker offers dynamic format changes from one book block to the next, using barcode information.


Standard processes

Web width





  • Paper web unwinding


  • Cross cutting (option edge trim, gutter cut, longitudinal slitter)


  • Sheet separation and offsetting


  • Stacking
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