Standard processes

Web width




  • Paper web unwinding


  • Fan-folding
  • Options: high stack delivery, shingle delivery, flat stack delivery with carts


UW6 Unwind module

The POPP6 generation unwinder UW6 was specifically designed for a flexible, high-performance environment. Ease of use, enabled by the automatic dancer control system, and user guide with touch panel reduce setup times to a minimum. Rolls with diameters of up to 1370 mm are loaded semi-auto- matically. A triple dancer guarantees optimum acceleration of the web, and provides for the processing of a wide range of paper weights. The dancer weight can be decoupled completely by the loop control to allow for tension free feed into high- performance digital printers and folders.


FS6 Folding module

The pre-perforated continuous web is fed to the FS6. Synchronisation with printer follows in 1/6" pulses and registration marks if pinless paper is used. The paper web is transported into the folding unit by means of tractors or the pinless web feed. The shingle formed in the spiral folder is initially held with a supporting rack. This slowly descends with each folding stroke until the shingles rest on the delivery belt and form a fanfold output as the process continues. In the high stack delivery, the fanfold output lying on the delivery belt is moved into the vertical position and stacked on a carriage. Separation of the shingle takes place manually without stopping the printer. If the stack shall be finished in the same sequence as printed (FIFO) then the stack on the carriage is fed to the stack turning module, which automatically turns the stack.

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