Digital newspaper solutions

The modular Hunkeler newspaper solution for the production of variable on demand tabloid and broadsheet newspapers offline or inline with digital continuous feed printing systems. Line or dot gluing option for collated tabloid newspaper, brochures or signatures.


Newspaper, brochure and signature production

This pioneering response to current industry challenges addresses a number of different issues, such as decreased circulation, reduced advertising volume, greater competition, and a need for increasingly timely news.

The innovative concept underlying this technology allows the geographically independent production of up-to-date news- papers, digitally printed in the well known broadsheet format. Center stage to the solution is the drum collating module DC7. This module collates the duplex printed sheets of variable size. The papers leave the collating module as a electrostatic fixed stack.

As an industry first, this solution offers publishers the opportunity to produce as few or as many newspapers, with as few or as many pages as locally pertinent, anywhere in the world. From any location, editors will modify, fine-tune, and revise data to make it completely relevant to specific markets before trans- mitting it via internet to the printing location. In addition, content is edited and advertising added promptly, even during the printing process, thanks to the digital print system's dynamic layout capabilities. This technology is revolutionary in that it offers an entirely novel approach to newspaper production. During off-peak hours the system can be used, for the the production of brochures, book signatures or mailings.

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