Standard processes

Continuous quality assurance

The Web Inspection System WI6 is providing continuous digital print quality assurance to customers. Using state-of-the-art digital camera technology to scan the full width of the web, the WI6 system captures high-resolution images of printed output for various types of quality and integrity analysis.

The WI6 System enables to ensure a consistently high print quality for mass mailing and print on demand applications. Print and integrity problems are immediately detected which allows instant reprints and leads to minized waste and downtime.


Error-free documents and flawless production

The Web Inspection System helps to guarantee error-free documents. The integrity of printed variable data is permanently monitored. Bad products can automatically be diverted and missing documents reprinted.

The Web Inspection System can read document identification marks which allows a fully automated operation without manual supervision or adjustments. A user-friendly interface enables the operator to define different job templates which are automatically selected by the Web Inspection System. The Web Inspection System is available in simplex or duplex configuration and can run from 1-up to 4-up productions without reconfiguration.


Web width



Web Inspection 


  • Document tracking
  • Print verification
  • Quality control


Web width



Web Inspection 


  • Document tracking
  • Print verification
  • Quality control





  • Print quality control
  • Data integrity verification
  • Automatic stop of line or alarm
  • Automatic diversion of bad copies
  • Interface to tracking system of inserters
  • Automatic reprints
  • Job templates for automated setup
  • Supports pin-fed and pin-less paper
  • Supports continuous form and cut-sheet
  • Interface to production control system
  • Archiving of inspection results
  • Interface to printer controller
  • CMC -7 MICR support
  • Connection to next higher controller platform via HCS Site Manager (incl. multi-site support)
  • Support for RFID applications


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