Standard processes

Web width





Paper web unwinding


  • Cross cutting with chip-out (option edge trim, gutter cut, longitudinal slitter)


Web width





Paper web unwinding


  • Cross cutting (option edge trim, gutter cut, longitudinal slitter)
  • Max. Web width 26" (660mm)



High Reliability

Rotary scissor cut technology guarantees highest reliability and precise, consistently accurate cuts, creating minimal dust. Integrated carbide knifes allow for more than 30 Mio cuts between knifes changes. The CS6 offers a service friendly layout, accompanied by state- of-the-art drive technology and ergonomic design.

UW6 / UW7 Unwind Module

The dynamic unwind module from the latest POPP generation is especially suitable for flexible, high-performance use. Easy handling, thanks to automated loop control and user guide with touch-panel, reduces setup time to a minimum. Rolls with diameters of up to 1370 mm can be loaded semi-automatically. A triple loop control guarantees optimal and precisely tensioned winding of the paper web and helps with the processing of light as well as heavy paper weights. The loop weight is fully decoupled during neutral mode, thus guaranteeing optimal feed, also on high-performance digital printers.


CS6 / CS7 Cross Cutter

Web The rotary cross cutter CS6 consistently produces clean, accurate cuts at exact angles, ensuring the highest levels of productivity and quality of output. In combination with the register control software, it also provides the precision essential to the finishing process. Setups, as well as adjustments are easily performed at the display panel. The new Line-PC permits unlimited storage of various job data, offering auto- matic set up and make ready of previously stored job processing data by the touch of a button. An integrated diverter separates waste from the production output. If equipped with the new, individually driven edge trimmers, and up to three linear cutters, the production of 4-up forms is accomplished reliably and efficiently.inspection and tracking.
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