Roll to fan-fold solutions

The modular Hunkeler roll to fan-fold solution with optional vertical stacking systems and carts for efficient print and mailroom operation. Reliable inline high speed operation with digital continuous feed printing systems in a space saving package and many modular options such as forms processors, web inspection, stack turner, etc.


Perfect stack quality

The continuous Folder Stacker FS6 achieves remarkable stack quality at all speeds, up to an impressive 220 m/min. The continuous web is meticulously folded by a spiral folding system, and stored by a high capacity stacker in precise stacks of up to 1000 mm. These perfect, compact stacks are essential for smooth post processing. As an option, the new Line PC permits unlimited storage of various job data, offering automatic set up and make ready of previously stored job processing data by the touch of a button. Complete stacks exit the module without printer stop.

Galerie a videa

Paper transport left- right- or center web alignment Automatic format changes Open design allows for web inspection at any time Production speed up to Continuous quality assurance with WI6 Easy and comfortable operation via touch-panel huncolor - a brand for every application Light weight paper
Digital print-finishing solutions
Web finishing solutions