Process options

Process options up to 20.5'' (520 mm) web width

Punch/PerfWeb InspectionPunch/Perf


  • Static linear and cross perforation
  • Static remaliner punching and file hole punching
  • Register mark printing


  • Document tracking
  • Print verification
  • Quality control


  • Dynamic linear and cross perforation
  • Dynamic file hole punching
  • Security/form punching
BufferingFolding / MergingCutting


  • Web buffer (depending on printing system and application)


  • Plow folding signatures
  • Option FM6 with merger
  • Option PF7 with double plow fold


  • Cross cutting with chip-out (option edge trim, gutter cut, longitudinal slitter)


  • Long sheet stacking up to 28"


Process options up to 30'' (762 mm) web width

CuttingWeb Inspection  


  • Cross cutting (option edge trim, gutter cut, longitudinal slitter)
  • Max. Web width 26" (660mm)



  • Document tracking
  • Print verification
  • Quality control




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TS6 Transfer station

The Transfer Station TS6 distributes paper stacks in different directions fully automatically or at the press of a button. A lifting element brings the paper to the desired height. In this way, the Transfer Station enables the online integration of up to three finishing processes into one printing system. Different print and processing jobs can be successively processed with full auto- mation and without expensive conversion. An integrated sheet bypass allows to run sheets inline in buckle folding equipment for production of folded sections.

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