Priming/Coating on Demand

Pre- or Post-coating on Demand

With its PC7 primer coater module, Hunkeler presents a world's first. This innovative solution can be used for primer application (pre-coating) or varnishing (post-coating). The PC7 coating module undoubtedly gives inkjet technology an additional impetus as an interesting alternative to established printing processes.

Depending on the intended use, the PC7 is integrated either before or after the digital printing process. Off-line configurations are also possible. Depending on the application and varnish an evacuation system my be required.


Primer application before digital printing



Coater application after digital printing

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  • Primer application without an active dryer
  • Lower consumption cost due to small quantity of varnish
  • Easy cleaning with water
  • Shortest set-up time
  • fast and reliable cleaning process at the push of a button
  • Easy change of different varnishes
  • Improving of inkjet print quality
  • Coating of any substrates for inkjet printing
  • Duplex coating eliminates paper curl
  • Waterbased varnish for specific printers
  • Paper is rehumidified
  • Static electricity elimination


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