VARIWEB creative mailing

Offline web finishing system from roll to a complete finished mailing suitable for posting

  • Die cutting, perforation and cross cutting (with variable cut-out using a single module)
  • Format independent die cutting
  • Modularly expandable

Universal Module UM 520-W

Combining the work processes of die cut, perforation and cross cut with variable cut-out in a single module provides unparalleled flexibility in product design and cost-effective production.

From roll into a finished mailing in one run

Working from a roll and connecting the possibility of having almost no limitations in product design with the high productivity of the web finishing is leading to clear advantages compared with single sheet processing.

Galleries and videos

Booklet Booklets with shaped die cut Shape die cut Insert Manual seal mailer RFID -Event-Booklet


Standard processes

Web width





  • Paper web unwinding

UM-PL 520

  • Die cut
  • Perforation
  • Cross cut (variable cut-off)
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